Snowmobile Trails Signs

When riding your snowmobile, these are some of the trail signs you might encounter. They are designed to communicate information about the trail.

Trail Regulatory Signs

Purpose: Instructs riders to bring their snowmobile to a complete stop before proceeding with caution. Purpose: Instructs riders to yield the right of way to vehicles traveling on the other trail at intersections. Purpose: Instructs rides not to enter a particular road or trail. Typically used in conjunction with one way trails. Purpose: identifies areas where snowmobiling is not allowed.

Trail Markers


Directional Arrow

Purpose: Informs the rider that they are on a designated snowmobile trail. Purpose: Informs the rider that the trail ahead makes significant changes in direction.

Caution Signs

Purpose: To advise snowmobile operators to proceed at a reduced speed or to advise the snowmobiler of a specific trail condition.

Hazzard Markers
Purpose: Provides additional guidance to the rider in a sharp turn. Purpose: Identifies a fixed object at the side of the trail. used any time the fixed object narrows the normal width of the trail such as bridge railings. The stripes slope down towards the trail.

Route Signs and Arrows

Purpose: To indicate that highway or road is designated for use by snowmobile operators. Purpose: At the point a snowmobile operator leaves a trail, the arrow indicates the direction the operator may proceed on the highway or road.