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Illinois has nearly 2,500 miles of trails, the majority of which are provided by local Illinois clubs and cross privately owned land. There are also public snowmobiling areas that are located on state an county-owned land throughout the northern half of Illinois that offer a variety of scenic opportunities. For a quick weekend getaway, check out the Illinois trails!

Trails themselves are created through the efforts of local Illinois snowmobile clubs, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, local municipalities, supporting business and the many landowners  throughout the state of Illinois who are generous enough to give snowmobilers access to their land. Many local snowmobile clubs and county snowmobile associations provide maps of trails in their area, helping to ensure your safe and enjoyable passage within their region. Be certain to obtain a map of the area prior to venturing out on your next excursion and stay on the marked trails--the future of our trails depends on us respecting the private property owners who have opened their lands for our use.


How to Obtain an Illinois Trail Map? If you belonged to an area Club, you wouldn't need to be looking here right now! The easiest way to get an Illinois trail map is to join a local snowmobile club! Trail Maps are one of the many great benefits that belonging to a club brings. 

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Basic Snowmobile Safety Code
Snowmobilers' Code of Ethics
Summary of Illinois Snowmobiling Law

  Hennepin Canal Parkway

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Pictures from the Jane Addams trail. 

Pictures from the I & M Canal trail

Illinois Groomers out and about!


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