Charity Reporting

Illinois Snowmobile Charity Report

Over the years, thousands of snowmobilers have demonstrated their concern for others by
participating in charitable events. Snowmobile clubs and associations in the United States and
Canada have raised millions of dollars for charities. There are a lot of good hearts out on the

Everyone can benefit from getting involved with fundraising projects. Projects give club
members a sense of unity and purpose. Provide activities for you, provide favorable publicity and attract new members to the club. Projects can involve members of the snowmobiler’s family, too.

Conducting fundraising drives/charitable projects gives your club and the sport of snowmobiling
positive recognition! The value of a good image should not be underestimated. Every
contribution your club makes to the community builds resect and fosters good will. As land use and other issues important to us and snowmobiling come to the table, it will be to our benefit to be known as responsible, concerned, caring members of the community.
–Snowmobilers Guide to Charitable Fundraising

Charity reports will be reported online again this year and sent directly to ACSA. Last year we had a total of 24 reports from Illinois with a total of 13,295 hours and donations of $59,457. This year let’s try to get every club to put in a report.

Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the IASC Charity Reporting Coordinator: Pat Dall:

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