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    Scholarship Program

    2024 IASC Scholarship Program All IASC members and their families are eligible to participate. All applicants must be full or part time students, carrying at least 9 credit hours and earning the equivalent of a “C” average or better at an accredited college, university, or technical college and must reside in the state of Illinois. 2 Scholarships will be awarded $2,500 & $1,000. Applicant Procedure:
    • Scholarships will be awarded based on original written essays submitted by the applicant. A panel chosen by the IASC scholarship chair will judge essays.
    • The essay theme is: “How has organized snowmobiling impacted you as a person?”
    • All applicants are required to have successfully completed a snowmobile safety class. A copy of the applicant's safety certificate must accompany each essay submitted.
    • Format: A. Two to four pages, typewritten and double-spaced. ** please do not send essay as a PDF B. Essays will be judged on content, originality, neatness, spelling, and grammar. C. Cover sheet:
      1. Name, address, phone, and email
      2. Parent's name and address
      3. Name and address of school
      4. Club president must sign cover sheet
      5. Include photograph of self
      D. Cover sheet will be removed before judged, and any reference to club, family, etc. will be removed so that only the quality of essay is judged. E. Winning essays will be published in the Illinois Snowmobiler.

    Click here to download the IASC Scholarship Application

    Each scholarship check will be mailed directly to the recipient's school prior to the beginning of the second term, upon submission of any official transcript that shows the student has earned the equivalent of a "C" average or better. A special presentation will be made during the IASC Convention. Recipients and their immediate families are asked to be present.

    All applications should be submitted via e-mail to: Essays must be received by April 1st, 2024.

    The 2023 winners, Congratulations:
    1st Place, $2,500.00 Sarah Hill
    2nd Place, $1,000.00 – Dylan Dominowski

    2022 1st-Lauren Montavan, 2nd-Gus Lockner
    2021 1st-Katlyn Suhr, 2nd-Cole Adams
    2020 1st-Savannah Strohacker, 2nd-Audree Tarrant
    2019 1st-Kathleen McElmed, 2nd-Nathan McElmed
    2018 1st-Nathan McElmed, 2nd-Audree Tarrant
    2017 1st-Jessica Dicker, 2nd-Anna
    2016 1st-Charlotte Metz, 2nd-Anne Dinges, 3rd-Kathleen McElmed
    2015 1st-Anna Pendergast, 2nd-Kaitlin Hefel, 3rd-Lauren Black
    2014 1st-Kaitlin Hefel, 2nd-Allison Van Landuyt, 3rd-Lindsey Hefel
    2013 1st-Amy Johnson, 2nd-Carly Stadie, 3rd-Kaitlin Hefel
    2012 1st-Haley Adams, 2nd-Amy Johnson, 3rd-Jordyn Strohman
    2011 1st-Alexandra Nyman, 2nd-Kaitlyn Hefel, 3rd-Lindsey Hefel, 4th-Jordyn Strohman
    2010 1st-Lindsey Hefel, 2nd-Fritz Werhane, 3rd-Jared Kempel, 4th-Jordyn Strohman
    2009 1st-Kyle Grieshop, 2nd-Brianna Saunders, 3rd-Lindsey Hefel
    2008 1st-Megan Hazzard, 2nd-Megan Sack, 3rd-Jessica Thompson
    2007 1st-Nathan Furlong, 2nd-Kayla Shick
    2006 1st-Bradley Voss, 2nd-Megan Hazzard, 3rd-Jessica Thompson
    2005 1st-Ashley French, 2nd-Bradley Voss, 3rd-Sara Guderyhan
    2004 1st-Sara Guderyhan, 2nd-Jennifer Vogelsburg, 3rd-Melissa Adams
    2003 1st-Amy Workman, 2nd-Sara Guderyhan, 3rd-Laura Guderyhan
    2002 1st-Jacqueline Faherty, 2nd-Sara Guderyhan, 3rd-Laura Guderyhan
    2001 1st-Charles Heiderman, 2nd-Amy Workman, 3rd-Nicholas Guderyhan
    2000 1st-Charles Heideman, 2nd-Nicholas Guderyhan, 3rd-Daniel Gerk
    1999 1st-Nicholas Guderyhan, 2nd-Charlene Cleveland, 3rd-Troy Tonyan
    1998 1st-Nicholas Guderyhan, 2nd-Amy Celesink
    1997 1st-Amy Celesink, 2nd-Stephanie Olesen
    1996 1st-Michael Peters, 2nd-Jane O’Connor
    1995 1st-Donnette Miller
    1994 1st-Tom P Pankonen
    1993 1st-Denise Kottke
    1992 1st-Mary Elizabeth Wright
    1991 1st-Kevin Anderson
    1990 1st-Susan Silberson
    1989 1st-Kevin Anderson
    1988 1st-Dana House
    1987 1st-Tia Hambly
    1986 1st-Tia Hambly
    1985 1st-Donald R Boyer

    I would like to thank all the clubs and regions for so generously donating to the scholarship program.
    scholarship image
    The IASC Earl and Nayola Nelson Scholarship
    Earl and Nayola Nelson Scholarship program was started in 1985. It was named in their honor as a tribute to their writing talents as well as their commitment to the IASC and The Illinois Snowmobiler Magazine that they started and were the first editors. It is open to all club members who have taken the safety class and are at least High School seniors and are enrolled or enrolling as a full time student in College. It is an Essay Scholarship with yearly themes to follow. It has grown from 1 Scholarship awarded in 1985, to 2 in 1996 and then 3 in 1999. Starting in 2010 another was added with a total of $3250 in Scholarships given out. The Scholarships are fully funded by the generosity of the IASC Convention attendees. This program has also changed throughout the years and now awards 2 scholarships for $3500 total to the winners. The IASC is very proud of this program as the youth of the sport is our future.
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