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    The Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs was formed to provide:
    • Education
    • Safe snowmobiling
    • Pleasant riding experiences in Illinois
    • Family snowmobile activities
    • Preservation of a trail system
    • Proper use of snowmobile grant money
    • Sharing of snowmobiling information
    • A working relationship with other trail users
    • Identification of situations that affect organized snowmobiling

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    Safe Snowmobiling


    The IASC and the IDNR work together to provide
    Snowmobiling safety education classes every year.
    The IASC offers an additional program with
    awards to its' young member students. The IASC
    promotes the Safe Rider!
    Snowmobiling Activities


    Many clubs promote the family aspect of
    snowmobiling. The club trips, cookouts, work
    parties, plus many more activities. Come out and
    enjoy the beautiful winter environment with
    family and friends.

    Riding Experiences

    Illinois has nearly 2,500 miles of trails, many of which are groomed. The local clubs that build and maintain the trails welcome visitors. For a quick weekend getaway, check out the Illinois trails!
    Other Trail Users

    Working Relationship

    The IASC works with other user groups when
    possible to create and maintain multiple use trails.
    Snowmobile Trails


    Urban sprawl continues to threaten portions of our trail system. The IASC works with local clubs, park districts and the IDNR to protect our existing trails and to develop new trails on public lands.
    Grant Money


    The IASC recommends to the IDNR how your Snowmobile registration money is spent. Become involved in your local club and help shape the future of your trail system.
    Affecting Snowmobiling

    Identification of Situations

    There are groups and political leaders who believe that the National Parks, Forests and other lands are not places for snowmobile. The IASC, along with you, the average American snowmobiles, disagree with those views. The IASC needs your support both financially and as a member. There is strength in numbers. The IASC is a member of the American Council of Snowmobile Associations, The Blue Ribbon Coalition, and the Lake States Resource Alliance. The IASC is also a member of these Illinois based associations: Greenways to Trails, Illinois Trails conservancy, and the Illinois Conservation Congress.
    Snowmobiling Information


    The IASC provides up to date information to clubs, its members, the media, government agencies and officials. The IASC and IDNR jointly created an Illinois Snowmobile Trail Map. For your cyber sledders, the IASC's website address is
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