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    IDNR awards $392,150 in snowmobile trail grants

    SPRINGFIELD – Seven snowmobile trail projects in Illinois have been awarded $392,150 for the development, rehabilitation, and maintenance the trails.

    The grants come from the Illinois Snowmobile Grant program (SNOW) and the Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund Grant program (STEF).

    SNOW grant recipients are:

    • Freeport Park District – $39,150 for rehabilitation and maintenance of the trail for snowmobile use.
    • Freeport Park District – $120,000 for purchase of a tractor to groom snowmobile trails.
    • Lake County Forest Preserve District – $29,000 for replacement of snowmobiles and trailer for park rangers so they can perform routine patrols.
    • McHenry County Conservation District – $30,000 for rental of a tractor for maintenance, operation expenses, and trail signage.
    • Rockford Park District – $40,000 for operational and maintenance expenses, rental tractors, and snowmobile trail equipment

    STEF grant recipients are:

    • Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs – $76,500 for trail maintenance and operational expenses.
    • Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs – $57,500 for consistent trail markings and signage, maintenance and operational expenses.

    The Illinois Snowmobile Grant program (SNOW) provides financial assistance to eligible local units of government (Section 3010.10 of the Illinois Administrative Code) to assist them in the purchase, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of public snowmobile areas, trails and facilities in Illinois. The program is funded entirely by snowmobilers through their registration fees (625 ILCS 40/8-1 and 9-1).

    The Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund Grant program (STEF) provides financial aid to eligible private snowmobile clubs and organizations in Illinois (as noted in Section 3020.10 of the Illinois Administrative Code) for the purpose of assisting them in the construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation of snowmobile trails and facilities on public lands, designated roadways, or private land opened to such use. Funds for the program are derived from revenue generated in the state treasurer’s Snowmobile Trail Establishment Fund.

    The Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs (IASC)  President, George Thompson of Wonder Lake, Il advises that these grants will help the local snowmobile clubs in Illinois to maintain and groom the trails for this winter for the public use.  The work to maintain and groom the snowmobile trails is done by volunteers of snowmobile clubs that belong to the IASC and George  stress that the funds received from the STEF and SNOW grants are financed by the snowmobile registration fees.  By registering snowmobiles in Illinois, a portion of the fee is returned to the clubs and public agencies to improve the snowmobile trails so please register your sleds in Illinois.  

    Go online for information about how to apply for the grants.

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